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About 葳

I’m a programmer. At the moment, everything I work on is open-sourced. I spend most of my time on a Bitcoin wallet, followed by regular maintenance work on bitcoinjs-lib. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems.

Born in Xi’an China, I left home to study in National University of Singapore at age 16. During the 4.5 years in university, I spent half a year in University of Waterloo in Canada, and a year in the bay area working as an intern software engineer for Rocket Fuel, while studying part time in Stanford University. Upon graduation, I joined Pivotal Labs Singapore office as an agile developer. During the two years there, I fell in love with ruby, the programming language, and its community. I’ve since been a speaker on various ruby conferences. Check out my pair programming talk at RubyConf Taiwan:

I work on Bitcoin related software these days. From a software consultancy to Bitcoin was a leap of faith. I believe our current financial industry is broken: inefficient, expensive and sucks up talents for no good cause. Bitcoin may or may not be the answer, but it’s definitely way better than what we have.

Apart from programming and Bitcoin, I like passionate/inspired/fun people, salsa dancing, swimming, squash, wikipedia, youtube, (some) ted talks, and Russians.

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